ECMFA'19 Call for Papers

Call for papers

ECMFAโ€™19 has two distinct kinds of papers: one for research papers dealing with the modeling foundations, and one for research papers dealing with the applications of modeling techniques, including experience reports on model-based engineering tools, industrial use, case studies, etc.

Foundation Papers

In this track, we are soliciting papers presenting original research on all aspects of model-based engineering. Foundation papers will be evaluated based on their suitability for the conference, originality, and technical soundness. They require novel and complete research work supported by adequate evaluation results. Typical topics of interest include, among others:

  • Foundations of (Meta)modelling
  • Domain Specific Modelling Languages and Language Workbenches
  • Model Reasoning, Testing, and Validation
  • Model Transformation, Code Generation and Reverse Engineering
  • Model Execution and Simulation
  • Model Management aspects such as (Co-)Evolution, Consistency, Synchronization, Differencing, and Versioning
  • Model-Based Engineering Environments and Tool Chains
  • Foundations of Requirements Modelling, Architecture Modelling, Platform Modelling
  • Foundations of Quality Aspects and Modelling non-functional System Properties
  • Scalability of MBE techniques
  • Collaborative Modeling

Application Papers

We solicit papers representing viewpoints, innovations, and practical experiences in employing Model-Based Engineering (MBE) from all aspects, e.g., modeling foundations, methods, approaches, and tools. We are also seeking experience reports, empirical evaluations, or case studies on the applications, successes, or failures of MBE. Papers from both researchers and practitioners are welcomed in this track. Topics of interest include, but not limited are:

  • MBE for Critical Systems (Safety, Mission, ..)
  • MBE for Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems and Internet of Things
  • Model-Based Security Engineering
  • MBE for Software and Business Process Modelling
  • MBE Applications in Transportation, Health Care, Cloud&Mobile computing…
  • Model-Based Integration and Simulation
  • Model-Based Testing
  • Model-Based System Analysis
  • Application of Modeling Standards
  • Comparative Studies of MBE Methods and Tools
  • Metrics for MBE Development
  • MBE Training
  • Practical Experiences of applying MBE